Is HOCL based sanitiser the answer to alcohol-related eczema issues?

hands with eczema

Did you know over 15 million people in the UK suffer from Eczema? Eczema is a chronic dermatological condition, but one that can improve or clear completely if treated with care. Up until the recent pandemic, this could be done by reducing hand washing, avoiding triggering skin products, and wearing non-irritating clothes.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, frequent hand washing and prevalent use of 60% + alcohol-based hand sanitisers have been advised by government and health bodies as effective safety measures to stop the spread of the virus. Although well intentioned, this new regimen plays havoc with eczema-mitigating routines, especially for frontline workers with these conditions.

 As society continues to adjust to an ongoing new normal that promotes, “Hands. Face. Space.”, it is imperative to provide the millions with skin conditions a reliable replacement to skin-irritant sanitisers. 

One solution that is gaining acceptance is HOCL based sanitiser. HOCL’s disinfectant power originates in the body. This compound is naturally employed by our own white blood cells to fight infection, inflammation, and disease. When neutrophils (white blood cells) identify and engulf an invading pathogen through phagocytosis, they release the oxidising agent HOCL along with other bactericidal chemicals. This destroys the pathogen by breaking down its cell membranes and proteins. HOCL sanitisers have been tested and proven as reliable, if not more effective, then alcohol-based sanitisers when used as an antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial agent on otherwise clean surfaces.  

The downfall for most HOCL products on the market is the process in which they are made, via electrolysed water. This creates a very weak agent that immediately begins to degrade when activated in the presence of serums, such as: blood, sweat and dirt, making most HOCL products ineffective for the real-world conditions people face in their daily lives. 

SpectrumX, the company behind SpectriSKIN, has become the UK and EU licensee to a patent pending HOCL formulation process that “shields” the HOCL until the point of killing the targeted pathogen. This groundbreaking process closely emulates how the body produces HOCL — delivering a powerful product without risk of degradation.

With this science, SpectrumX has developed a line of sanitisers that kill >99.99996% of all bacteria and viruses even in the presence of blood, sweat and dirt. Now an NHS approved supplier, these products are providing a highly effective, no alcohol sanitiser alternative to NHS frontline workers and now a version is accessible to everyone with SpectriSKIN’s new All-in-1, Alcohol-free SpectriMIST™ Sanitising Mist

SpectrumX’s products are an effective alternative to alcohol-based products and are completely free from aggravating ingredients listed by the National Eczema Association. 



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