How can we ensure that we’re socialising safely?

a family of four enjoy a day out

While other countries grapple with an enduring pandemic, the UK is set on having a (more or less) unrestricted summer. That’s not to say we’ve escaped COVID, but our impressive vaccination roll-out has put us in good stead.

No UK government has given July 19th as the target date to allow nightclubs to open and large events such as music festivals resume. There’s no doubt that this is an exciting, long-awaited step for the public — having endured a gruelling 14 months of yo-yoing coronavirus restrictions.

This being said, the pandemic is not over, and it’s still important to socialise safely.

The UK has done an excellent job vaccinating more than 38 million people in the UK, but with growing concerns about new, more transmissible COVID-19 variants, vaccines alone, cannot be solely relied upon.

Luckily, along with maintaining social distance where possible, wearing masks when indoors, and frequently sanitising our hands; there are innovative biotech measures on the horizon aiming to address hygiene issues.

For instance,SpectriSKIN’s parent company, SpectrumX, have developed a line of effective, non-alcohol hand sanitisers for hospitals, businesses, healthcare facilities, retailers and schools. Currently supplying Chelsea & Westminster and West Middlesex hospitals, SpectrumX’s NHS approved sanitising products have been designed to solve the issues associated with alcohol-based sanitisers. 

The technology of alcohol based hand sanitisers hasn’t materially changed since it was first used in the late 19th century. SpectrumX’s new hypochlorous-acid based sanitiser has been designed to utilise 21st century technology to protect the public and the NHS. It’s a product that has a safe sanitising effect, whilst also containing healing properties that don’t damage the skin. 

In high use settings, professionals have remarked on the damaging effects alcohol-based sanitisers have had on their skin and SpectrumX’s new product looks set to address this. Their unique, patent-pending formula has broad spectrum antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial effects and has a far less damaging effect on skin than traditional alcohol-based sanitisers. These products are already in use across the NHS, with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Medical Director, Gary Davies, explaining:

“At the start of the pandemic, hand washing and hand sanitisers suddenly became even more important in the drive of preventing and limiting infection, but I don’t think we necessarily imagined we would be using sanitisers so intensively and for such a long period. Over time we have seen a really significant increase in skin conditions suffered by our staff from high usage of alcohol-based sanitisers. We proactively looked for a safe and effective solution to try to prevent this from happening and have now started utilising an HOCL based product produced by SpectrumX. Feedback from staff members has been overwhelmingly positive.”

As we reopen, hands, face, space is our guiding policy for staying safe, and with SpectriSKIN’s New SpectriMIST™ All-IN-1 Sanitising Mist powered by patent-pending HOCL Formulation, it becomes so much easier. 



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