Our Frequently Asked Questions


HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) is nature’s oldest disinfectant. HOCL is the substance produced by our white blood cells to fight off infections. HOCL can be up to 300 times more efficient than bleach at killing bacteria and viruses, yet completely biocompatible.

Our body’s immune system naturally creates HOCL which is extremely efficient at its job of powering our white blood cells to directly target and destroy threats to the body, killing all bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with.

Although HOCL was discovered over 100 years ago, developing a stabilised form of it outside the body has only been manufactured in the past 20 years through a production process known as Electro-Chemical Activated (ECA) Technology. In simple terms... Electrolysed Salt Water.

Whilst this production process usually achieves the result of creating a product which has a shelf life up to 12 months, it is no match for the conditions we face in real life. Unfortunately, “HOCL via Electrolysis” is very weak and volatile, easily deactivated back to just salt and water when it comes into contact with “real world” conditions, such as: blood, sweat, saliva, dirt and organic material. As a sanitiser and antiseptic, deactivating when in the presence of things like blood, sweat and dirt is quite problematic and ultimately ineffective.

Spectricept FAQs

Spectricept™ is created through a groundbreaking process that emulates how the body actually makes HOCL, resulting in an HOCL solution that truly harnesses our body’s natural defense systems with “real world” resilience and fighting power.

Spectricept™ is formulated with a patent pending, proprietary process that creates a “shield” around the HOCL until it is ready to work its fighting magic. This unique stabilising technique retains the solution’s full potency, even when in the presence of serum of any kind, making Spectricept™ a more advanced and effective HOCL solution with endless possibilities.

Spectricept™ powered products are formulated to be soothing to your skin and made for purpose. There is no degreasing effect, does not sting or irritate, and can be used on all skin types and ages, including babies and those with skin conditions, such as, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. 

When applied it kills 99.99996% of bacteria, viruses and spores upon immediate contact, leaving less than 1 bacteria remaining versus most sanitisers with 99.9% efficacy which leave over 1000 bacteria.

Let's do the Math: Potentially, one bacteria can multiply to more than 30,000 in five hours and to more than 16 million in eight hours. If you factor in leaving 1000 bacteria remaining in the same conditions, that would equal 16 BILLION!

Spectricept’s™ active ingredient, HOCL, is an approved UK biocide. Currently it holds an article 55 derogation for the use as a hand sanitiser.

SpectriSKIN & SpectriMIST FAQs

All products developed by SpectriSKIN™, including `SpectriMIST™, harnesses the power of our proprietary HOCL formulation, Spectricept™.

SpectriMIST™ is an all-in-1 sanitising mist powered by our proprietary “shielded” HOCL,Spectricept™.When applied the “shielded” HOCL kills 99.99996% of bacteria, viruses and spores upon immediate contact, leaving less than 1 bacteria remaining versus most sanitisers with 99.9% efficacy which leave over 1000 bacteria. Unlike other HOCL products, its sanitising power does not degrade when in contact with “dirty” surfaces, such as, sweat and dirt.

Yes, SpectriMIST™ is the perfect sanitiser for using on babies and children. Free from alcohol and irritants, the sanitising mist will kill 99.99996% of all bacteria and viruses effectively without the need for harsh chemicals that can cause damage to skin, eyes and clothing.

Yes,SpectriMIST™’s ingredients are free from any “not approved” list of ingredients provided by the National Eczema Association. The active ingredient, HOCL, has not only been proven to soothe and clean sensitive skin, but studies show it can repair and regenerate damaged skin caused by conditions, such as: eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

SpectriMIST™ sanitising mist has been developed as an all-in-1 product for skin, surfaces and air. Apply the fine mist as needed to your hands, personal belongings and the air space around you for a cleaner and safer environment.

SpectriMIST™ is as safe as water for your clothing and leather and free from ingredients that can cause discolorations or bleaching. Items that should avoid water, such as suede, are not recommended. We suggest to only finely mist when applying to avoid residue and wipe away on metals to avoid any natural oxidation that may occur.

Do not be alarmed, SpectriMIST™ is safe for indirect contact with your eyes and mouth. Although HOCL is an active ingredient regularly used for eye sprays, we do not suggest using SpectriMIST for this purpose.



"Since the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in skin conditions suffered by our staff from high usage of alcohol-based sanitisers. Now that we have started utilising an HOCL product produced by SpectrumX, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Dr. Gary Davies | Medical Director

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - NHS Foundation Trust