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Is HOCL based sanitiser the answer to alcohol-related eczema issues?

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be a nightmare for eczema sufferers. Luckily, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is an effective, no alcohol alternative for sensitive skin.


Our Influencers

"My kids have developed allergic reactions to alcohol based sanitisers ever since their schools make them sanitise throughout the day. I found SpectriMIST and after a week of switching over, all their skin conditions have cleared up. Please get this product everywhere, it's time to say no to alcohol for our skin!"

Silvia Schrama @sil_fash



"Since the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in skin conditions suffered by our staff from high usage of alcohol-based sanitisers. Now that we have started utilising an HOCL product produced by SpectrumX, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Dr. Gary Davies | Medical Director

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - NHS Foundation Trust


"I love this product! I have been struggling to find a hand sanitiser that doesn't leave my hands sticky or dries out my skin. Thanks to my SpectriMIST, I no longer have that problem anymore."

Paulina Fredricsson, 30, UK



“The pandemic made even the simplest tasks and outings with my family difficult because I wanted to keep everyone protected. Finding SpectriMIST has been amazing! I spray it on everything and everyone and I know that it is effectively killing the germs. My son loves to spray the mist and I don’t worry because it's safe for all ages! “

Devas, 34, UK


"SpectriMIST is amazing. I started using it on a second degree burn I got on my stomach and after 5 days of using it, the burn healed incredibly fast and the scarring is minimal. I am so happy I found this mist."

Melizanne Bergeron, 26, UK


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